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How much does hair restoration cost?

One of the most common and crucial questions we receive from individuals embarking on their hair restoration journey is, "How much will this cost?" While the answer varies for each person, we're dedicated to transparency in pricing. We've outlined the costs and provided an estimated timeline, ensuring you understand not only the financial investment but also the time commitment involved in the process.

The Cost Breakdown:

When considering hair restoration, it's essential to understand the various factors that contribute to the overall cost. Here's a breakdown of what to expect:

Base Cost of Hair System:

  • Each hair system is custom to the individual, allowing us to ensure a seamless blend with your biological hair - Colour, grey percentages and texture - it's all included.

Price Range: $550+ (4-12 times annually)

Installation Fee:

  • Allow our talented technicians to sculpt a haircut that meets your lifestyle needs. During your cut-in appointment, our team will prep, apply, and cut your hair system to cover all your hair goals.

Price Range: $180 (4-12 times annually)

Maintenance Services:

  • Maintenance of your system is required to ensure your scalp health is protected, but it's also a great opportunity to refresh your adhesive, providing a seamless and secure bond. We have a plethora of adhesive options ensuring your lifestyle and scalp needs are covered.

Price Range: $150- $165 (Every 2-4 weeks or as desired)

Maintenance Products:

  • For regular maintenance, you'll need essential products such as shampoos, conditioners, adhesives, tapes, and more. We're proud to offer Sachajuan and Suavecito products. While these brands weren't specifically created for the hair restoration world, they boast high quality and are perfectly suited to meet the needs of system hair.

Price Range: $30-$80 (As needed)

Repairs and Venting:

  • Over time, certain components of your hair system may require replacement, such as density, clips, or poly bases. We collaborate closely with a skilled venting technician who can address various needs, including adding hair in areas of sparseness, repairing bases, or adding clips as needed.

Price Range: $130/hour *Time limits are discussed prior to starting

Estimated Timeline:

Understanding the time commitment is as important as understanding the cost. Here's an estimated timeline:

Initial Consultation:

  • During your consultation, we will discuss your needs and preferences with our experts to determine the best solution for you.

Timeline: Availability determined by schedule - Book Your Consultation Here! 

Hair System Selection and Customization:

  • Our team will walk you through the options of hair systems available to you, ensuring to guide you through what is suitable based on your lifestyle, desired style, and availability.

Timeline: 0-4 Weeks * We carry a small on-hand inventory to minimize the wait, however, each individual's needs are different which means we may need to order in a custom system for you

Installation and Styling:

  • When your install appointment day arrives, we will go over some styles that would be best suited to your lifestyle, texture, as well as your face shape. Once you have selected your desired style, our team of technicians will sculpt your style and go over styling techniques and products.

Timeline: 4-12 Times annually

Ongoing Maintenance:

  • During your maintenance or bond services, we carefully remove your system and cleanse your scalp. Additionally, at this appointment, we'll refresh your haircut to ensure a seamless blend at all times.

Timeline: Every 2-4 Weeks (or as desired)

Choosing hair restoration is an ongoing commitment. When you choose to invest in your hair, using the right products protects your investment; think of this as your insurance plan. By following your technician's recommendations, you can rest assured that you'll get the most out of your hair system and achieve that salon fresh confidence every day.

Remember, investing in your confidence is priceless.

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