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Creative Director & Lead Stylist 

Kristen's journey into the world of hair began at a young age, fueled by a profound understanding of its significance in shaping one's identity and self-expression. Witnessing her mother's hair loss during her battle with cancer was a pivotal moment for Kristen, prompting her to leave business school to pursue her true passion - the hair industry. She finds immense fulfillment in helping others reclaim a sense of identity through hair restoration.

After completing her education at Blanche MacDonald in 2017, Kristen honed her skills under the mentorship of Aveda's top stylists and educators. Delving into the realm of hair restoration, she discovered a passion for barbering and dedicated years to mastering cutting and blending techniques.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Kristen indulges in her passion for antiquing, cherishes moments with her beloved pet (and employee of the month), and enjoys immersing herself in classic films or unwinding with video games.

Connect with Kristen and her furry companion on Instagram at @cheddy.bear


Client Relations & Operations Manager

Born and raised in Vancouver, Krysti has deep roots in this vibrant city. Her journey in the hair industry began in 2013 when she attended John Casablancas, and since then, she's never looked back. With a wealth of experience garnered from working in numerous salons across the Lower Mainland, including her long tenure with Dyson, Krysti has dedicated years to perfecting her craft and has undergone extensive training.

Krysti's passion for hair is rivaled only by her love for leadership, which led her to the esteemed role of HBIC (Head Boss In Charge) at Crown & Glory. As the go-to person for all client relations, she is deeply committed to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for every client. After experiencing her own hair loss in 2021, she was left without answers which lead her to the world of hair restoration, little did she know this would become the start of a new journey.

Outside of her professional pursuits at C&G, Krysti finds joy in various activities. You might catch her at home, engrossed in a true crime documentary with her cats, soaking up the sun at the beach, or enjoying a cup of coffee at a local cafe.

Connect with Krysti on Instagram at @krystiatkins_ to stay updated on her latest endeavors



Employee of the Month 

Cheddar, affectionately known as the "goodest boy" both at home and as the honorary employee of the month at C&G, adds an extra touch of warmth and joy to our lives. Originally hailing from the streets of China, Cheddar now relishes in the comforts of home, where he spends his days lounging, taking leisurely walks, and fully embracing the stay-at-home son life (though he prefers not to dwell on his employment status at C&G).

When the weather permits, Cheddar delights in visiting the beach, where he happily rolls around in the sand to his heart's content. And while the beach holds a special place in his heart, his truest love remains the Bully stick, which never fails to bring him sheer bliss.

Although he adores bum rubs, it's essential to note that Cheddar has his boundaries – his nose and toes are strictly off-limits, lest you become foes!

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